"Organizing With Denario" The Future Of Bottom Up Organizing Gets Started

I’ve spent most of my life recruiting individuals. How I discovered and tapped into the value of 1st party claims; starts here. I recruited and still organize with him. Denario was another casualty of cultural contradictions. Those contradictions have always hurt our ability to learn and to do collective self-help. Unknowingly he and I were organized to work against our self-interest. More crucial is we allowed others to tell our story. Denario lives on his individual wit to spot a weak defense of your wealth or in your behavior.   Fake leaders that don’t organize around his 1st party claims are also a large part of his problems. The beliefs that Denario depends on to keep his self-esteem and to justify his behavior are exploited by a host of beneficiaries. The fear and hatred for being played like a fool runs deep for those historically set aside for exploitation. There are certain elements that must be a part of organizing with those with our kind of experience. Part of the oral tea…